Dr Grizbor Tznucq JD, DVM, DDS

Dr Grizbor Tznucq JD, DVM, DDS

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Maltese Plot to Take over Everything

It started in 1237 when a small group of crusaders settled on Malta. They had a huge treasure they'd accumulated from pillaging merchant cities in the Byzantine Empire and the Arab controlled Middle East. Their descendants have ruled Malta from behind the scenes ever since. It is my hope that in the fullness of time you will understand the Maltese threat to our society and how we can fight it.

I have filed suit against the PGA to get them to strip Tiger Woods of his tour status. He was born on Malta. Woods was the son of a Basque father and Botswanan mother who entered the US illegally in the bilge of a Panamanian registry tramp steamer in 1977. His biography before his mysterious putting contest with Bob Hope on the Mike Douglas show in 1978 is a complete fabrication. His refusal to accept Thai citizenship in 2000 was the result of his fear of exposure. My research staff has obtained Woods' Maltese birth certificate and notarized witnessess statements to his birth at a hospital in Mgarr, Malta.

You can read more about Woods here in this NNN article from the time the story broke.

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